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Après la France. Nice Summer Memories.

Summer has passed the middle. Hello August. Fresh eyes and open heart. Beautiful summer memories - this is what we will take with us after.

🔴 new
Oil on Canvas
©Svetlana Kurmaz


This beautiful flower grows in the garden of our friends in France. I have seen this tree many times when flowering is just beginning or when it comes to an end. But this year I was lucky enough to observe this magnificent beauty in the midst of flowering - early July. These perfectly beautiful flowers appeared, lit up like stars in the dark foliage of the tree, and disappeared almost every new day. Elusive, changeable beauty. I enjoyed what I was watching and could not stop.

Of course, I had to paint this flower, this tree, this serene world, where you can hear the busy buzzing of bumblebees and bees.
Back in Prague, I decided to start with my first impression of simplicity and perfection of this creation. Therefore, I focused on the flawless shape of the flower and the contrast of the leaves to its whiteness. The glare of bright light in the gaps between branches and on the grass under the tree creates the feeling of a summer day.

The painting was painted on a pre-prepared canvas with various spontaneous surfaces that were left so in addition to conveying the impression of fragile perfection.

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How To Order A Print?

Dear friends ,

As you probably remember, we had a nice amount of lovely prints in our XPgallery on address Jilska 22, Prague. Many things were changed since that time, but! We always looked how to manage with our prints? Because many of our customers asked us about...

After much research, we have found a way to print our prints in England in a quality and reasonable price. The option "prints of limited edition" has returned to the site.

If you don't find the artwork you would like to have as a print, please, contact us and we'll find the best way how to manage it.


Thank you for collecting our art.

Thank you for support.

With best wishes from Prague

Svetlana Kurmaz and Alexander Sokht


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Artist in the studio. Prague.

Artist in the studio with empty canvases. The further collection... Nothing yet. 
Usually I make extra coloured ground for my paintings. So that it dries well, I prepare the canvases for work in advance.

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Sic! Original painting from Alexander Sokht.

🔴Man With Dog @ Alexander Sokht

🎨We have available this original painting oil on paper, 45x65cm.

    Price €700,00 EUR


New! Art Prints:

❗️Size–1:   50.4 cm x 70.2 cm, 19.8 inches x 27.6 inches

               Limited edition print run of 50 pieces.

              Price :   €55,00 EUR


❗️Size-2:   25.1 cm x 35.0 cm, 9.9 inches x 13.8 inches

                Limited edition print run of 100 pieces.

                Price:   €30,00 EUR


✔️Supplied with certificate of authenticity to provide limited edition provenance.
✔️All prints including a white border for easy framing.
Presented on Hahnemühle Photo Rag premium Fine Art paper.
✔️A slightly off white, matt finish paper with guaranteed archival properties. The paper gives muted blacks with even colour reproduction, and excellent detail. It has a minimal texture and a chalky smooth cotton feel which creates smooth colour gradients.

.Printed in the UK.

✈️Global shipping available.

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News Letter: Home/ Inner Home.

Dear Art Lover,


Salutations from our home, to yours.


1.Summer begins even after such a spring as this spring 2020. And this is really good news.

Summer brings new hopes and promises its little joys. Let art be among them. 




2.Home or Inner Home: they both support us and help each in its own way. Maybe now is the time to decorate both of them, so art belongs to both of them.




3.We worked all spring on the concept and update of our online presentation. After doubts and thoughts, we decided to leave our XPgallery website and make it more convenient and friendly.

Now this is our gallery.

There you can see and purchase works of art with maximum convenience. In addition, you know that we are always ready for communication and cooperation.




4.Another: after much research, we have found a way to print our prints in England in a quality and reasonable price. The option "prints of limited edition" has returned to the site.





5.We are asked how to see the work of Alexander Sokht? We assume that they will also appear on the site in the near future.



Thank you for reading. 

Thank you for collecting our art.

Thank you for support.


With best wishes from Prague


Svetlana Kurmaz and Alexander Sokht

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Where to hang the artwork?

By the way, this is a question. Even when dealing with paintings, including my own, all the time, he has been working in the gallery for 15 years, sometimes he’s not sure how and what kind of picture to correctly position in space. I have a beautiful, but always dark place in my workshop. It is located between two windows and is always in the back light. The other day I did a permutation in the studio in order to prepare my workplace for creating large-format paintings, freeing up space for work as much as possible. I have a painting that I really love, and it is framed in a suitable frame, so it’s difficult to remove it, and it’s better to hang it on the wall so as not to damage the frame. And so, having tried it on this wall between the windows, I was surprised to find that the picture not only does not seem dark, but even illuminates the room and brings a certain character to the space. In a word, even in the darkest place in the interior, you can find an artwork that fits perfectly there.

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DOUBLE EXPOSURE coming soon on the site.

A series of drawings consisting of 7 scenes made in the author's technique on paper in A3 format. Here, the classical composition and drawing of a woman's figure ( with pencil mimicking of engraving) combined with the absurd presence of plots with polka dots or fishes, expands the space and creates additional meanings.

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We've placed some of our images on the Society 6 design platform.

They offer as art prints as another home and office decor products with images you'll like.

This art kraft will bring a joy, uniqueness and freshness in the atmosphere of your place.

The prices are very reasonable.

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