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Where to hang the artwork?

By the way, this is a question. Even when dealing with paintings, including my own, all the time, he has been working in the gallery for 15 years, sometimes he’s not sure how and what kind of picture to correctly position in space. I have a beautiful, but always dark place in my workshop. It is located between two windows and is always in the back light. The other day I did a permutation in the studio in order to prepare my workplace for creating large-format paintings, freeing up space for work as much as possible. I have a painting that I really love, and it is framed in a suitable frame, so it’s difficult to remove it, and it’s better to hang it on the wall so as not to damage the frame. And so, having tried it on this wall between the windows, I was surprised to find that the picture not only does not seem dark, but even illuminates the room and brings a certain character to the space. In a word, even in the darkest place in the interior, you can find an artwork that fits perfectly there.

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DOUBLE EXPOSURE coming soon on the site.

A series of drawings consisting of 7 scenes made in the author's technique on paper in A3 format. Here, the classical composition and drawing of a woman's figure ( with pencil mimicking of engraving) combined with the absurd presence of plots with polka dots or fishes, expands the space and creates additional meanings.

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We've placed some of our images on the Society 6 design platform.

They offer as art prints as another home and office decor products with images you'll like.

This art kraft will bring a joy, uniqueness and freshness in the atmosphere of your place.

The prices are very reasonable.

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oil on canvas, 20x20x2cm. © Svetlana Kurmaz 


They appeared under the still deeply sleeping tree of white magnolia first. Two daring groups of snowdrops on cold and gray earth in a city garden. This is a time of hunches of spring, when, it seems, even the birds are not quite ready yet, but they are. Confident that spring will be, they dance their short spring dance.

Of course, I don’t break them to paint. At best, I take the photographs I need in the botanical sense and carefully bring my fragile enthusiastic impressions to the studio to paint them on canvas.

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Stay safe and uplifted!

Dear friends,

the spring coming anyway, and this is a really good news!

KING CROCUSES (available) 

oil on canvas, 20x20x2cm

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The Life when you #stayathome

We are thankful to our customers and friends who continuer to purchase art during this time for their courage and support :

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Shape. Pattern. Shadow.

✍️Three sets with three subject each.

💡In the spotlight. I was so happy to have this idea for realisation in my mind. I've got it at the end of my February's drawings collection. I've had this nine beautiful white panels in my studio as if awaiting their time.

📽So I've dived very deep in my work for 2 weeks. 

🥁The result you'll see soon here.

📍A few teasers for now:

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Original Drawings for your Soul and Interior.

Recently created collection the Multiplicity by Svetlana Kurmaz.
40 small size drawings mainly with water-soluble oil pastels on paper. 34 items are available now, 6 are sold already.
Each piece signed by the artist and accompanied with Certificate of Authenticity.
These fragile and delicate creatures are very& especially suitable for dark interiors or walls because the inner light of paper and aquarelle effect of pastel will keep the light in your place. Besides this material out less in contrast to watercolors.
The prices are reasonable and even more : 50-70 €+5€ shipping.
n case of your interest please contact us here or directly via

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