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oil on canvas, 20x20x2cm. © Svetlana Kurmaz 


They appeared under the still deeply sleeping tree of white magnolia first. Two daring groups of snowdrops on cold and gray earth in a city garden. This is a time of hunches of spring, when, it seems, even the birds are not quite ready yet, but they are. Confident that spring will be, they dance their short spring dance.

Of course, I don’t break them to paint. At best, I take the photographs I need in the botanical sense and carefully bring my fragile enthusiastic impressions to the studio to paint them on canvas.

It is clear that the power of the impression of the perception of nature and the possibility of the picture is, for me, in any case, something completely different. As far as I remember, I never had in my creative plans "a good transfer of what I saw." Art for me has always been a different reality, where, if not others, then their own laws, inherent in this new reality, operate.

So I put my imaginary flowers in an imaginary glass (possibly from Czech glass) and arranged them rhythmically in the format that I had. As for color, at the end of February there is still no color in my inner palette, but there is a hunch about it.

Then I removed everything superfluous, even the horizon line, leaving only a hint of a white drapery which is like the last snow, and painted snowdrop flowers.