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Mussini oil paints on linen canvas original painting with Two Young Women in the Cafe.

Most of the time I get inspiration from nature. Even when I paint people, animals or objects.

I love to paint portraits of people I have never met. It is possible that I create characters from a variety of impressions of real people met in the morning in a cafe or on an evening tram. Each portrait contains a specific non-verbal narrative expressed through line, shape and color. This artwork is painted on imagination.

Every spring we go to the Prague Botanical Garden to admire the blooming rhododendrons of a wide variety of species and shades of pink and have a cup of coffee in a cafe there.

This artwork is inspired partly by impressions from nature, and partly by the veil of poetic and cultural allusions that contributed to the emergence of this plot.

The painting depicts two women sitting at a table in a cafe in a blooming rhododendron garden. One of them is holding a puppy in her arms. It seemed to me that in this case it would be stylistically more accurate if they drink tea, which is more in line with the Eastern tradition.

I used the contrast of the classical composition with a bit of absurdity.

Here, as in many of my paintings, the influence of the  European art  style of the 30s is noticeable: a clear line, local color relationships, even the character and clothes of the model remind that time.