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Where to hang the artwork?

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By the way, this is a question. Even when dealing with paintings, including my own, all the time, he has been working in the gallery for 15 years, sometimes he’s not sure how and what kind of picture to correctly position in space. I have a beautiful, but always dark place in my workshop. It is located between two windows and is always in the back light. The other day I did a permutation in the studio in order to prepare my workplace for creating large-format paintings, freeing up space for work as much as possible. I have a painting that I really love, and it is framed in a suitable frame, so it’s difficult to remove it, and it’s better to hang it on the wall so as not to damage the frame. And so, having tried it on this wall between the windows, I was surprised to find that the picture not only does not seem dark, but even illuminates the room and brings a certain character to the space. In a word, even in the darkest place in the interior, you can find  an artwork that fits perfectly there.