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WINTER WONDERS. News Letter from XPgallery /Prague.

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Dear Mr.
The Winter Holiday Season coming soon.
We wish you inspiration, prosperity and many sunny days in the year 2022!
Switch the phone to silent. Take your devices off line. And now spoil yourself with  a dreamy gift selection guaranteed to make your Holiday heavenly.
Prepare to be amazed and make dreams come true with this season’s most wondrous gifts – art–unwrap the magic now.
We had some break in communication this year. 
This is partly due to my contract with a large international platform, the French gallery Singulart. 
This fact inspires me, especially in the current circumstances of life, when exhibition activity has stopped for an indefinite period.
     Among other conditions of the contract, my new paintings are reserved for Singulart for two months after publication.
However, all other paintings available for sale can be found on our XPgallery website:
    For you or someone you love, it has to be an inspired news:
We have 15% discount on all original artworks you'll find on the site till the 15th of January + free shipping at your address via regular post.
    Write to us and we will discuss all the details.
Don't miss out! 
 Among other things here, in the album "Sunny Hours", you can see the main works from my new painting collection 2021:
Make your homes even more beautiful.
Live with art, it’s good for you!
Sincerely yours 
With Gratitude, 
Svetlana & Alexander