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ALJOSHA (digital art, dibond) by © Alexander Sokht

ALJOSHA (digital art, dibond) by © Alexander Sokht has found a place in Dresden. It looks great, doesn't it?
Thanks a lot to our customers for sharing the photos with art works in there places. 

"Hi Svetlana, the parcel arrived a couple of minutes ago from whitewall, everything is ok, thanks a lot!

best greetings to you both from... (the pics from our living room i will send you in next two weeks)"

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OFFICIAL by Alexander Sokht, multiple original, ed. of 20

More than a half of the edition is sold now. You still have a chance to get one of the multiple originals :)

Hi Irina,
I have received the certificate. Thanks a lot.
I am having the print framed this week)
Regards, Nick.
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The artwork by Alexander Sokht PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST has find its place in Prague. It looks so contemporary, doesn't it?



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We truly enjoy when our customers come back to us and buy something extra on-line, as it has happened this time. Especially we appreciate it when they write us a few words:
Dear Irina,
Just informing you that I received both parcels.
I really enjoy these items.
Best regards
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Friends of our friends are our friends!:)

Two of multiple original digitally created prints with DUNCAN have been sold to the friend of our customer from Norway: 

The pictures arrived safely today. :) 

Best regards


Stavanger, Norway
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Friendly greetings from Austria

We are always happy to get such lovely feedbacks from our gallery's customers. Thanks a lot dear Nataly for sending us a picture from your place with the small size dibond OFFICIAL by Alexander Sokht and the elegantly framed print "TWO MAGPIES" by Svetlana Kurmaz! It looks absolutely great!


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Our newsletter about a new e-mail address ( and special offer because of that has brought the lovely FISH to Australia


Hi I absolutely love the three artworks I bought from your gallery a few years ago. I have recently been working in another city and have not had much access to emails, so I have just read your offer (below) and wonder if I can still receive 20% off a purchase? I am very interested in 'Fish' in a giclee print on canvas. Is this possible? Regards .... Australia
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5 artworks by Alexander Sokht started a new happy life in England!

Just wanted to let you know that both pictures have arrived in the UK in perfect condition. The Fish dibond is now hanging next to the pieces I bought when I visited the gallery in Prague. The Man In A Hat print is currently waiting for the frame to arrive before it takes pride of place in my lounge.

I have added a picture of 4 of the pieces by Alexander Sokht and hope to be adding to the in the future.


Thank you very much for all your help with these purchases and it was lovely to meet you while I was in Prague.

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