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GINGY & BIRDS in Australia.

Sometimes we getting such a lovely, kind and beautiful feedbacks from our customers. ❤️ 

The GINGY and the BIRDS digitally created by Alexander Sokht are in beautiful home in Australia!

Be inspired.

We look forward to bringing joy to our collectors' homes this winter. 

Greet the season with art!

Thank you for collecting our art

Best wishes from Prague

Don’t forget to visit us in-store

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 dear svetlana, yesterday was a unforgetable day for my family in prague. in the afternoon we found/explored "gingy", and we both were so happy (in advance). it is a little bit strange for me, we entered your gallery room and we both had immediately the same thinking about this work: we wanted to see it each morning at home...

furthermore, in the meantime we reflected again our impressions in your gallery, and we had a second desire - about your recent work in oil: la gimnaste. we think we can find an outstanding place in our apartment for this painting.
what will be the price for us (with frame?), and can you reserve it?

best wishes from dresden to prague and good night

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