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 dear svetlana, yesterday was a unforgetable day for my family in prague. in the afternoon we found/explored "gingy", and we both were so happy (in advance). it is a little bit strange for me, we entered your gallery room and we both had immediately the same thinking about this work: we wanted to see it each morning at home...

furthermore, in the meantime we reflected again our impressions in your gallery, and we had a second desire - about your recent work in oil: la gimnaste. we think we can find an outstanding place in our apartment for this painting.
what will be the price for us (with frame?), and can you reserve it?

best wishes from dresden to prague and good night

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ACTRESS digital on canvas+ DREAM print on paper


Oxana….I got the painting last Friday.  Thank you so much for sending me the tracking info…..I can't wait have it stretched and hung.

By the way, the frame shop owner I used for framing the print of the cat and the woman
on a bed was sooooo impressed by the artist.  Thought you might want to pass that along.

Fairhope, AL 
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 Hi Svetlana,

I am happy to let you know that we received your painting and already put it on a wall in our bedroom!

We are very happy and have very good memories about our trip and evening we spent together. I hope to see you in future!

Good luck and lot's of inspiration!


Alexei and Alla

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Dear Svetalana,
We received the parcel in a very good state. She hangs already on the wall in the middle of the room. Very beautiful !! We will send a photo very soon.
Thank you very much for the good care !
Bart en Anneken
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