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The Birds have flied from my studio in Prague to Germany :
Hi Svetlana, the birds are here! Thank you very much, perfect envelope!

I will contact You in spring, all the best for you!


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J'ai reçu les tableaux aujourd'hui 🤗 Merci !!!

Bonsoir Svetlana,

J'ai reçu les tableaux aujourd'hui 🤗 Merci !!!
Je n'ai pas eu le temps d'ouvrir l'emballage, car nous avons été à une exposition du Caravage.
J'ouvrirai le carton demain 😉
Je t'embrasse bien fort.
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The BIRDIE arrived safely in the  Vladimir ( beautifull , old Russian town ). 

Коллекционер пишет : "Птичка в клетке! Я был в отъезде и только сегодня смог забрать картину. За упаковку отдельное спасибо."

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When we'll coming back in Prague...

Dear Svetlana,

 My boyfriend and I came in the beginning of june in your gallery and bought 2 prints of Alexander Sokht.

We bought a book of the other artist cause we also apreciateed a lot his qrtwork. We realised, only after our visit , that the work of the other painter was your artwork!

We also visited your website and found that your work is very beautiful and interesting. We wanted to congratulate you for this.

When we'll coming back in Prague , we'll visiting you with pleasure.

Best regards



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MAN IN A HAT by Alexander Sokht

We appreciate so much when we getting feedbacks from our customers . This emotional connection gives us and the artists too so great feeling :
Finally! Can’t wait to hang it. Thank you for sending it. Let me know if you ever exhibit in London.

Best wishes "

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FEEDBACK from our CUSTOMERS: Thank you!


We are very pleased to receive feedback from our customers. Especially when people let the artworks of our artists enter their world so carefully and respectfully so that these two worlds become one. Thank you, dear friends!

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