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Svetlana Kurmaz BIO



Svetlana Kurmaz is a professional visual artist. Having graduated from the Faculty of Art of Krasnodar State University (Russia), she has been professionally engaged in painting since 1988.

She participated in more than 100 exhibitions and art fairs all over the world (Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK & USA).

She works in two fields of art: representative and abstract. Her professional skills include great ability and achievements in both academical drawing and oil painting.

Svetlana Kurmaz has her own recognizable style based on an extension of a big art tradition of european expressionism

Svetlana's characters are full of grace and poetry, her nudes are innocent, her Ladies are elegant and beautiful, her trees and flowers are strange…  and so they exist in their fragile wold of harmony and dream.

Aesthetic and philosophical directions of her creative method can be designated as Figurative Metaphysical Subjectivism and Abstract Metaphysical Symbolism, where a deep color is combined with an image-icon-symbol, vibrating between objective and subjective worlds.

Since 2005 Svetlana has been involved in the abstract painting project S.K.A.S., in collaboration with Alexander Sokht.





Exhibition History


The main personal exhibitions and International Art Fairs of the last years:

2019  IMAGINARY GARDEN , solo exhibition in Dea Orh Gallery, Prague, CZ

2018 IMAGINARY GARDEN ,  one man show in the XPgallery, Prague, CZ

2017 LADIES IN LUCKY CIRCUMSTANCES , one man show in the XPgallery, Prague, CZ

2016    ART IS collective exhibition in Casa  Mediterranea , San Vito dei Normanni,     ITALY

          L’AVIATRICE  , one man show at the XPgallery, Prague, CZ


2014 ONE MAN SHOW in the Tornby Galleri, Bindslev, Denmark 

         LADIES SMALL TALKING  in the XPgallery, Prague, Czech Republic

         COLLECTIVE SHOW in the Gallerie Kellermann, Dusseldorf, Germany


2013 FIRST BIENNALE of Contemporary Fine Art in Dresden, Germany

         CHAGALL and HIS HEIRS, collective show in the Gallerie Kellermann, Dusseldorf, Germany

         ZWANZIG JAHRE SPAETER, a show together with Alexander Sokht, Arget, Munchen, Germany

         INTERNATIONAL SHOW  in the ARTmosphera gallery, Monfalcone, Italy

         MOVEABLE FEAST , Personal show in the XPGallery, Prague, Czech Republic

        INTERART , international art fair in Greifswald, Germany


2012   «COMPLICATED SIMPLE», Personal show in the MOLBERT gallery, St.Petersburg, Russia

            «LADIES IN BLOOM», One-man show, XPgallery. Prague, CZ


2011   AAF International Art Fair. London, UK

           AAF International Art Fair. Milan, Italy

           «Get Ready for a Colorful Summer time!», XPgallery. Prague, CZ

           Exhibition in the IROK Galerie. Horst, Holland

           Exhibition in the CORTE REAL Gallery. Portugal


2010    ARTE FIERA. Bergamo, Italy

            AAF  International Art Fair. Brussels, Belgium

            OPEN ART FAIR. Utrecht, Holland

2009    "LINEART", international Art Fair. Gent, Belgium

            "Edinburgh Art Fair 2009". Edinburgh, UK

            "Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair 2009". Newcastle, UK

            "Glasgow Art Fair'09". Glasgow, UK

            "Maitres figuratifs du XXIe siecle", "b-Art Galerie". Geneve, Switzerland

            "One-man Show", "b-Art Galerie". Geneve, Switzerland

2008    “Europ’ART”, Geneva, Switzerland

            “Faces”,XPgallery, Prague, CZ

            «Affordable Art Fair» , Paris, France

            « Affordable Art Fair», New York, USA

            LINEART, International Art Fair, Gent, Belgium


2007    “Rouge”,One-Man Snow , XPgallery, Prague, CZ

            “Art Ireland”, Main Hall. Dublin, Ireland

            “Edindurgh Art Fair”, Edinburgh. Scotland, UK

           "ELLES", Le theme de la feminite, Schortgen Galerie. Luxembourg


2006   ” S.K.A.S.”(One-Man Show with Alexander Sokht) Praxis im Koln Triangle. Cologne, Germany




2005    “Operation Smile” Charity Auction of Russian Art with the support of CHRISTIE’S. Moscow, Russia

            “Painting” One-Man Show, XPgallery. Prague, CZ


2004    “Art-Moscow”. International Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

            "Operation Smile"Benefit Auction of Russian Art. Moscow, Russia


2003    “Art Manege”. International Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

            One-Man Show in Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

            Peter Batkin & Phillips, de Pury & Luxembourg Charity Auction of Contemporary Russian art .  Moscow, Russia


2002   "Operation Smile" Charity Auction of Russian Art, Malyi Manege. Moscow, Russia

            One-Man Show in “Hay Hill” Gallery. London, UK.

            “Open Ateliers” in Iternational Kunstatelierhause Mengerzeile. Berlin, Germany


2001   One-Man Show in “Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest”. Berlin, Germany

           “Konst in Virsbo”. International Exhibition of Contemporary Art. Virsbo, Sweden

           “10 Let”. Contemporary Moscow’s Art in Municipal Gallery “A-3″. Moscow, Russia


2000   “20 Parallels”. Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum & Sweden Embassy. Moscow, Russia

            “Euroart 2000″. International Art Fair. Barcelona, Spain

             One-Man Show in Russian Cultural Centre. Luxembourg

              “Line of Mountains”(with A.Sokht) Programme “Artist in Residence”. La Belle Auriole, France

             “Area of Happiness” in Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia


1999    “Art-Moscow”. International Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

             “Art Manege”. International Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

             One-Man Show “Island of Apples”(with A.Sokht) in “A-3″ Gallery . Moscow, Russia


1998    One-Man Show “Secret is a Red Flower” in “Vostochnaya” Gallery. Moscow, Russia

           “Art Manege” Inernational Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

            One-Man Show “Contrast”(with A.Sokht) in Huberhoff. Munich, Germany


1997    “Russian Collection in Palais des Nations”. Geneva, Switzerland

             One-Man Show “Two Good Ones”(with A.Sokht) in Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia


1996   One-Man Show “Ad Hominem”(with A.Sokht) in Russian State Art Library. Moscow, Russia

           “Art Manege”. International Art Fair. Moscow, Russia

           "Galerie Russe du Centre". Geneva, Switzerland


1995   One-Man Show “Red Trees" in “M’Ars” Gallery. Moscow, Russia

           "Golden Brush" in Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

            "Bilders Eines Briefe" in Huberhoff. Munich, Germany


 1994 "Russian Collection. End of 20th Century” in “M’Ars” Gallery. Moscow, Russia

            One-Man Show “Ludi” (with A.Sokht) in International Youth Center Pirra. Florence, Italy

             One-Man  Show in Gallery L'immagine. Florence, Italy

            "Moscow's Artists" Emmanuel College. Cambrige, UK


1993   "Incontro"(with Elide Cabassi, Italy), Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia

            Laureate of contest exhibition"Libera L'idea", Gallery L'immagine. Florence, Italy


1992    “37 Pictures” in “M’Ars” Gallery. Moscow, Russia

           “48 Pictures” in Central House of Artists. Moscow, Russia



The artworks of Svetlana Kurmaz has been presented by the following galleries:


* “XPgallery”. Permanent exhibition. Prague, Czech Republic.

* “Le Siants"Gallery. Barcelona, Spain

* “M’Ars” Gallery & Museum. Moscow, Russia.

* “Vostochnaya” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.

* “Art Service Center” in New Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow, Russia.

* “Galerie Schortgen”. Luxembourg

* “Hay Hill” Gallery. London, UK

* CORTE-REAL Galeria. Portugal

* B-Art gallery. Vevey, Switzerland

* MOLBERT Gallery. St. Petersburg, Russia

* GALLERIE KELLERMANN , Dusseldorf, Germany 




The artworks of Svetlana Kurmaz are presented in the following collections:


* Kovalenko Art Museum. Krasnodar, Russia.

* Exhibition Hall of Contemporary Art. Krasnodar, Russia.

* Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation. Moscow, Russia.

* Contemporary Art Museum of “M’Ars” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.

* “Art Chronika” Cultural Life Magazine. Moscow, Russia.

* “Vostochnaya” Gallery. Moscow, Russia.

* Publishing Hause “Krasny Matros”. St. Petersburg, Russia

* “Hay Hill” Gallery. London, UK.

* International Youth Centre Pirra. Florence, Italy.

* DTO Company. Munich, Germany.

* Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest Company. Berlin, Germany.

* General Motors Company. Moscow, Russia.

* "Price Waterhouse Coopers" Company. Moscow, Russia.

* St.Barnabas Church. London, UK

* Private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, USA, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, Canada, UK, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, Mexico, New Zeland, Greece, Monaco, China, Japan .



 2018 ХУДОЖНИК, ЗАТАИВШИЙСЯ В ПРАГЕ , ,живопись/светлана-курмаз/


          CHERCHEUR D’ART , 60 artistes  contemporains Denys- Luis Colaux

2016 SVETLANA KURMAZ, painting 2016, album,XPgallery     

         MUJER, This is a book of a poetry in Spain language illustrated with art works of S.K. women's characters , 240 pages, approx.30 illustration, This is a charity project " poesy against of violence» .
        LADIES SMALL TALKING, Album , Svetlana Kurmaz , painting 2014, hardcover, 48 pages, 22 illustrations, with an article AN EXTRA BIT OF SOUL by Denys- Louis Colaux
        SVETLANA KURMAZ. UNE CHANCE POUR L’ART , article  by Thibaud Josset  with 3 illustrations , magazine  UNIVERS des ARTS , #175, Inprime en France.
        UEBER DEN DAECHERN VON PRAG, eine Begegnung mit Svetlana Kurmaz und Alexander Sokht. By Pogolana TV., Germany
        MOVEABLE FEAST, Album , Svetlana Kurmaz , painting 2012-2013, hardcover, 46 pages, 21 illustrations
       SVETLANA KURMAZ , painting , video by Maria Laura Pedone
       BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART in Dresden 2013, personal page with illustration and BIO, Germany
       INTER ART, catalogue 2013 with personal page and illustration, Greifswald, Germany
         « The COMPLICATED SIMPLE», «Molbert Art Gallery», St. Petersburg
       SVETLANA KURMAZ, OPERE. By f. fiorellino
        LADIES IN BLUM , Album, Svetlana Kurmaz, painting 2011-2012, hardcover, 48 pages, 22 illustrations 
       5 ГЛАВНЫХ ТРЕНДОВ В СОВРЕМЕННОМ ИСКУССТВЕ , article by Gurov, Russia
      SVETLANA KURMAZ, expat Artist . Article by Brenda Love Zejdl (USA), 6 illustrations, magazine BRIDGE, IWAP of Prague, June 2012
       NEVSEDNI UMENI , article with illustration, magazine MERCURY’S, CZ.
        SVETLANA KURMAZ , painting , 2010, hardcover, 40 pages, 20 illustrations 
       OPEN ART FAIR , catalogue 2010, Utrecht,  page with illustration, Holland,
        BERGAMO ARTE FIERA, catalogue 2010, Italy
        AAF (The Affordable Art Fair), catalogue 2010, Brussels, Belgium 
        LINEART 28, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration,Ghent, Belgium
        Edinburgh Art Fair, catalogue 2009,Scotland,  UK
        NewcastelGateshead art Fair, catalogue 2009, UK
        Glasgow Art Fair, catalogue 2009, UK
        LINEART 27, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration,Ghent, Belgium
        EUROP’ART , International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Geneve, Switzerland
        AAF (The Affordable Art Fair), catalogue , Paris, France
        FACES , catalogue , painting 2008, 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
         ROUGE, catalogue, painting 2007, 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
          Edinburgh Art Fair, catalogue 2007, Scotland,  UK
          SEASONS, #4/2007, magazine , an article with illustrations, Moscow, Russia
        RED POST magazine, 2 pages with article SVETLANA KURMAZ by Tatiana Kazakova, 3 illustrations, Prague, CZ
        SVETLANA KURMAZ’ painting 2005, catalogue 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
        OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of CHRISTIE’S, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        ARTReview #11, 2005, page with illustration, London, UK
         OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of CHRISTIE’S, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        ART-MOSCOW, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        SVETLANA KURMAZ, booklet  with 10 illustrations, Prague, CZ
       РУССКОЕ СЛОВО, cover of a magazine, Prague, CZ
        ART MANEGE, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        AUCTION of Contemporary Russian Art with Peter Batkin support, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        AUCTION of Contemporary Russian Art  with support of PHILLIPS de Pury & Luxembourg, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        The IDH ( Interior Design Handbook), page with illustrations
       OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of UFG & GM, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
       SVETLANA KURMAZ’ painting , booklet with 5 illustrations and BIO  for the one-man-show in «Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest «, Berlin, Germany
       20  PARALLELS , catalogue of Exhibition in Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum, page with illustration
       EUROART 2000,  International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration
       ART CHRONIKA magazine #3-4, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia