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"Ladies Small Talking»

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We are happy to announce that a new collection by Svetlana Kurmaz "Ladies Small Talking» is finished and is already available to be seen on our website!
We would like to present it to you before the official presentation which will take place in autumn in our gallery . 
Some of the paintings are at the moment on exhibitions in France, Norway & Switzerland, also some others are already sold, but almost full collection is still at our disposal.
You can see and order the album of the collection here:
We would like to remind you that we have a flexible system of discounts for our loyal clients, and each case can be discussed  for us to be able to come to a mutual content.
We hope that you would like the new collection and could find artworks that would correspond to your taste and mood. The artworks that would find a response in your heart and could become a beautiful accent of your house.
May you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!
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