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Album LAZY DAY, Svetlana Kurmaz, 2017

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My collection of the year 2017 is completed. You can order or have a look at the new album at this link.
Basically this collection consists of 2 subjects: women on the beach and at a cafe. For the beach scenes I like to paint women wearing old-fashion swimsuits as I find them extremely charming.
I've been highly inspired by a trip to the seaside in Bordeaux region of France. The sense of infinity, majestic tranquility and latent power... all kinds of blue with white clouds and sand, tanned bodies resembling sculptures... and wind, wind, wind.
I know there is a bit of Matisse influence and of course of style of the 30s. I find all that very close to me aesthetically and I also feel inspired and supported by "vintage" Prague where I live for more than 10 years.


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