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Our customers often ask us how exactly we pack the fine art print for shipping. So we'd like to show you a bit of our backstage :)

Since we have been selling artworks both at the gallery and online for more than 15 years, we've got quite a experience on this issue. Having shipped hundreds of prints to all corners of the world, we've come up with an effective system for rolling and packing our fine art prints.



These are the tubes that we use, they are made of cardboard and are firm enough not to be crashed during the shipment. 

The tubes need to be pretty wide because the artworks are printed on a heavy fine art paper that can get bent if one rolls it too tightly. That's why we use tubes of 70 mm & 80 mm in diameter. 

The smaller tube on the photo is 440 mm long, the bigger one is 620 mm long.The plastic caps on each end of the tube are about 10 mm in diameter.

These tubes fit perfectly for standard sizes of the prints that we offer (A1, A2, A3).

If there is a special order for a print of a bigger size we use a 1000 mm tube with an additional smaller tube inside on which we roll the print.

We put a layer of an acid-free soft paper over the printed area and roll the print with the printed area facing upwards.

This way the printed area is better protected and the paper gets rolled against its natural roll so it eventually uncoils the paper after the print is unpacked and laid on a flat surface for a while.

After that we roll the Certificate of Authenticity for the print and put it inside the tube. And it's ready!

Live with art, it's good for you!