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S.K.A.S. limited edition on canvas

S.K.A.S. is a project of Svetlana Kurmaz & Alexander Sokht.

They have made a collection of semiabstract artworks in 2006-2012, oil on canvas, size 105 x105 cm.

Now we offer limited edition prints on canvas stratched on a wooden frame, size 40x40cm, signed and dated by artists.

Each piece has a number & a certificate of authenticity. Price of the print is 170 Euros.

It will add original and contemporary spirit to your place!

You can buy it here:


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ZOOM & others by Alexander Sokht

We have an amazing collection of semiabstract artworks by Alexander Sokht in the exposition. They are adorable, stylish, contemporary and very Alexander like:


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New exposition at the XPgallery, 08.02.15.

This is the wall that you can see when you enter the gallery.

From left to right there are:

1. A figurative painting "L'oiseau" (oil on canvas) by Svetlana Kurmaz.

2. A big size dibond with digitally created artwork "Duncan" by Alexander Sokht. Artist.

3. Four small size dibonds with photos of Normandie by Alla Velts,

4. A semi abstract canvas "Nine Buds" by Svetlana Kurmaz. Artist. 

We'll publish more photos from our new exposition in the next few days.

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New exposition at the XPgallery, 08.02.15.

You can see these two walls to the right from the entrance of the gallery.

From left to right:

1. Collection of colorful paintings by Svetlana Kurmaz

2. A semi abstract artwork "Status" by S.K.A.S.  

3. Photos of rainy Prague by Alla Velts


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