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Dive deeper into Svetlana Kurmaz beautiful œuvre.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

It may sound strange, but I remember exactly when I decided to become an artist. I was 17 years old.

In general I have always been drawing since I can remember. I have memories from my earliest childhood, as I attended a children’s art school for 4 years, which my grandmother assigned to me as an additional education. Still everyone in my family, including me, was convinced that I would study medicine and become a doctor.

I studied very well and easily and had the best possible grades. In my last year of school I announced that I wanted to be an artist. Of course everyone was very surprised to say the least. I remember clearly the moment of boundless joy when I drew a wall paper dedicated to a wonderful Russian poet. Alone in the big auditorium of the school I forgot about time and space. I was completely absorbed in the process. Later, I read about something similar, and that it has different names. But at that time I didn’t know anything about it, only that this moment defined my life.

I am very grateful that my family finally allowed me to make my choice in life. That’s when I attended the Faculty of Arts. After graduating from university I taught for 7 years drawing and composition at the Department of Drawing. After meeting my future husband, we both decided to be artists only.

Can you talk about your artistic influences and other artists you are most inspired by?

I studied art history and I am very grateful to my wonderful teachers. When I delved into the subject, I liked certain periods of art history: ancient art, medieval art and the Renaissance. As I developed as an artist, my tastes and preferences also changed. But something has remained the same. The Russian art of the Middle Ages. The geniuses of the Italian Renaissance from Florence-Masaccio over Pietro della Francesca and Giotto. I am very much drawn to the French art after the bourgeois revolutions especially Matisse; the German Expressionists of the 1930s, English illustration. The closest to me is Art Deco from which many of the author’s stylistic choices raise and develop.


Do you prefer to work alone or collaborate with others?

To be honest, I prefer to work alone. Even the company of my husband, whom I trust infinitely, sometimes interferes, confuses and distracts me. In the process of work, there comes such an important moment when one moves into another dimension. Then the course of time changes. You seem to become the co-author of the artwork. Then, as an artist, I have to keep up with what guides me. It requires inner silence and deep immersion. In a sense you are no longer alone.

*the second part will be published next week.

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The world never ceases to amaze me.

This is a painting by a Canadian artist of Japanese origin called "Svetlana".
It was created for a Vancouver gallery as part of the Where Women Create exhibition project.
As I understand it, the task was to convey the world of the artist's woman through the available details seen on the Internet.
Surprisingly, it really looks like my world.
Emiko and I only know through instagram. ❤
She has a wonderful page there. The truth is beautiful:
This is where the exhibition will take place. If I have friends from Canada, here is the gallery address:
March 19-29 2021
12 pm-6pm
679 West 6th Ave. Vancouver BC Canada


I have attached the catalogue of my new series and I would love it if you could take a look at it and see what I painted from the inspiration I received from you!
In the painting, "Svetlana" I have created the imaginary creative space that is full of what makes you Svetlana and is so unique about you. Also I have selected the objects to paint in this painting from whatever information I could find about you that speak so much to me and that I think make you you. My hope for my new series is for viewers to find their own stories and inspiration through "Where Women Create" and it is my absolute pleasure every time my collectors tell me they always find an object that reminds them of deep memories and stories and therefore inspiration for life."

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©Svetlana Kurmaz
Dear Art Lovers,
Congratulations, the artwork «Nu Rouge» featured in the past by Art Limited editors will be displayed again on different socials networks from Friday 12 February 2021 (Paris, France timezone)."
Of course you remember this artwork.
The limited edition print with Red Nude has been awarded a special certificate by Art Limited platform.
You can order a high quality print with NU ROUGE on our website :
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CHERCHEUR D'ART, 60 artistes contemporains

Thanks a lot to Denys-Louis Colaux, a writer and art lover who has collected 60 contemporary artists in one album and accompanied it with brilliant essays about their art.

A publication about Svetlana Kurmaz is among them.

Today we've got a copy from the edition:

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List with publications and media (Svetlana Kurmaz) /new/


         MUJER, This is a book of a poetry in Spain language illustrated with art works of S.K. women's characters , 240 pages, approx.30 illustration, This is a charity project "Poetry against of violence».
        LADIES SMALL TALKING, Album , Svetlana Kurmaz , painting 2014, hardcover, 48 pages, 22 illustrations, with an article AN EXTRA BIT OF SOUL by Denys- Louis Colaux
        SVETLANA KURMAZ. UNE CHANCE POUR L’ART , article  by Thibaud Josset  with 3 illustrations , magazine  UNIVERS des ARTS , #175, Inprime en France.
        UEBER DEN DAECHERN VON PRAG, eine Begegnung mit Svetlana Kurmaz und Alexander Sokht. By Pogolana TV.
        MOVEABLE FEAST, Album , Svetlana Kurmaz , painting 2012-2013, hardcover, 46 pages, 21 illustrations
       SVETLANA KURMAZ , painting , video by Maria Laura Pedone
       BIENNALE OF CONTEMPORARY ART in Dresden 2013, personal page with illustration and BIO
       INTER ART, catalogue 2013 with personal page and illustration, Greifswald, Germany
         « The COMPLICATED SIMPLE», «Molbert Art Gallery», St. Petersburg
       SVETLANA KURMAZ, OPERE. By f. fiorellino
        LADIES IN BLUM , Album, Svetlana Kurmaz, painting 2011-2012, hardcover, 48 pages, 22 illustrations 
      SVETLANA KURMAZ, expat Artist . Article by Brenda Love Zejdl (USA), 6 illustrations, magazine BRIDGE, IWAP of Prage, June 2012
       NEVSEDNI UMENI , article with illustration, magazine MERCURY’S, CZ.
        SVETLANA KURMAZ , painting , 2010, hardcover, 40 pages, 20 illustrations 
       OPEN ART FAIR , catalogue 2010, Utrecht,  page with illustration, Holland
        BERGAMO ARTE FIERA, catalogue, Italy
        AAF (The Affordable Art Fair) , catalogue 2010, Brussels, Belgium 
        LINEART 28, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration,Ghent, Belgium
        Edinburgh Art Fair, catalogue 2009,Scotland,  UK
        NewcastelGateshead art Fair, catalogue 2009, UK
        Glasgow Art Fair, catalogue 2009, UK
        LINEART 27, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration,Ghent, Belgium
        EUROP’ART , International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Geneve, Switzerland
        AAF (The Affordable Art Fair), catalogue , Paris, France
        FACES , catalogue , painting 2008, 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
         ROUGE, catalogue, painting 2007, 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
          Edinburgh Art Fair, catalogue 2007, Scotland,  UK
          SEASONS, #4/2007, magazine , an article with illustrations, Moscow, Russia
        RED POST magazine, 2 pages with article SVETLANA KURMAZ by Tatiana Kazakova, 3 illustrations, Prague, CZ
        SVETLANA KURMAZ’ painting 2005, catalogue 30 pages, 22 illustrations, Prague, CZ
        OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of CHRISTIE’S, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        ARTReview #11, 2005, page with illustration, London, UK
         OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of CHRISTIE’S, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        ART-MOSCOW, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        SVETLANA KURMAZ, booklet  with 10 illustrations, Prague, CZ
       РУССКОЕ СЛОВО, cover of a magazine, Prague, CZ
        ART MANEGE, International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        AUCTION of Contemporary Russian Art with Peter Batkin support, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        AUCTION of Contemporary Russian Art  with support of PHILLIPS de Pury & Luxembourg, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
        The IDH ( Interior Design Handbook), page with illustrations
       OPERATION SMILE Benefit Auction with support of UFG & GM, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia
       SVETLANA KURMAZ’ painting , booklet with 5 illustrations and BIO  for the one-man-show in «Graf von Westphalen Bappert & Modest «, Berlin, Germany
       20  PARALLELS , catalogue of Exhibition in Moscow’s Contemporary Art Museum, page with illustration
       EUROART 2000,  International Art Fair, catalogue, page with illustration
       ART CHRONIKA magazine #3-4, page with illustration, Moscow, Russia


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