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This is a next art work from the collection LADIES IN BLOOM we are going to present at the end of May.

It was inspired by expectation of a Spring time in Prague when many of Magnolia trees are in Blossom  here. There are many , but this kind of magnolia really touch me : such a delicate and soft it is as this young lady from the painting. She became quite  like Oudrey Hepburn .. i know. It's just happened.

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TWO MAGPIES from Svetlana Kurmaz's new collection



Today we got the new album LADIES IN BLOOM with collection of paintings by Svetlana Kurmaz!

The exhibition with these art works will come later, but we start to do the presentation of the paintings there now.

This painting  TWO MAGPIES ( oil on canvas, 60x80cm, 2012) was inspired by this lovely  English nursery rhymes about Magpies :

"One for  Sorrow , Two for  Joy, Three for a Girl , Four for a Boy, Five for  a Silver, Six for a Gold,

Seven for the Secret  what never be told."

Also it was inspired by many of magpies we have on the roofs of old Prague , just under the windows of our studio on Mala Strana.

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XPgallery at the OPEN ART FAIR


Among my photos i just find the few from our XPgallery exposition at the Open Art Fair, Utrecht, Holland.

It was in 2010.

 It is interesting to look in the past some times. Many of the art works were presented there are sold . They share the life with new art lovers in new places ... But we still have this  nice memory  ("souvenirs ") with the photos.

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 Since now we are going to publish  time to time the small articles about friends of us. Artists or not, they help us to keep our way of thinking and doing.

We high appreciate their presence in our life.


We know each other more than 20 years already. Lena was my student when i worked  as a professor of the Krasnodar State University, Faculty Graphics, and she was very talented from the beginning.

Now Lena Prozorova is a professional artist, she lives and works in Moscow and  she participates in many exhibitions all over the wold. In spite of she got a good course of a realistic drawing and painting , Lena prefers to express her self in an abstract art and doing this very well!

Love her charming poetic abstract artworks with such a special sense of composition, structures and colors!!!


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A few days for inspiration in Dordogne, France

We spent an amazing week very deep in France, region Dordogne, together with our German friends!

I did not paint the landscapes more then 3 years already... and now i am such inspired after this wonderful trip ! 

I fill that it is a right  time for me to come back at the landscapes. Will see.

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