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This year is 30 years already since we are the friends with Andrej. We studied Art at the same Alma Mater with the same professors with a difference in one year. Andrej Chabanov was one of the best Master of Portrait i ever knew  from the first his art works. Last years he is successfully working with  Landscapes. His professional skills are based at his knowledge of the achievements of Old Masters and French Impressionism . He creates his crystal world of solitude step by step and each his painting gives us this feeling "beauty from the sky". 

Alexander Sokht created the Portrait of Andrej Chabanov a few years ego:

The more art works of Andrej you can see at the FB page of Lena Prozorova, his partner:

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 Since now we are going to publish  time to time the small articles about friends of us. Artists or not, they help us to keep our way of thinking and doing.

We high appreciate their presence in our life.


We know each other more than 20 years already. Lena was my student when i worked  as a professor of the Krasnodar State University, Faculty Graphics, and she was very talented from the beginning.

Now Lena Prozorova is a professional artist, she lives and works in Moscow and  she participates in many exhibitions all over the wold. In spite of she got a good course of a realistic drawing and painting , Lena prefers to express her self in an abstract art and doing this very well!

Love her charming poetic abstract artworks with such a special sense of composition, structures and colors!!!


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