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Svetlana Kurmaz – YouTube

 This is something new to me.

 I started my youtube channel without much enthusiasm and, of course, without any professional approach.

However, oddly enough, I now have 46 subscribers there. And some publications get up to 1500 views. Some miracle! Who are you, wonderful kind people?


  Basically, I publish there short videos of my new works, which are grouped into the Shorts category.

  There are also more complex video clips related to the work process from Alla Velts & Alexander Sokht.

  Dear friends, come and subscribe, we will be very glad to see you!



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WINTER WONDERS. News Letter from XPgallery /Prague.

Dear Mr.
The Winter Holiday Season coming soon.
We wish you inspiration, prosperity and many sunny days in the year 2022!
Switch the phone to silent. Take your devices off line. And now spoil yourself with  a dreamy gift selection guaranteed to make your Holiday heavenly.
Prepare to be amazed and make dreams come true with this season’s most wondrous gifts – art–unwrap the magic now.
We had some break in communication this year. 
This is partly due to my contract with a large international platform, the French gallery Singulart. 
This fact inspires me, especially in the current circumstances of life, when exhibition activity has stopped for an indefinite period.
     Among other conditions of the contract, my new paintings are reserved for Singulart for two months after publication.
However, all other paintings available for sale can be found on our XPgallery website:
    For you or someone you love, it has to be an inspired news:
We have 15% discount on all original artworks you'll find on the site till the 15th of January + free shipping at your address via regular post.
    Write to us and we will discuss all the details.
Don't miss out! 
 Among other things here, in the album "Sunny Hours", you can see the main works from my new painting collection 2021:
Make your homes even more beautiful.
Live with art, it’s good for you!
Sincerely yours 
With Gratitude, 
Svetlana & Alexander
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We have news!

COMPOSER by Alexander Sokht
oil on canvass 80x60cm, 2021
New painting is available now.

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Priming Canvas. Video by ©Alexander Sokht

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Summer Comes with Flowers and colours.

Summer refreshes the artist's palette. Summer gives us flowers and color generously.

The new by Svetlana Kurmaz:

"When I paint a still life with flowers, I’m interested in exploring the large shape and design of the bouquet in order to identify and highlight a characteristic note that can more accurately convey the impression of them."

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Video with a new artworks by Svetlana Kurmaz:

Your Daily Story.
Sit in silence and listen to the sound of nature.
Lightweight layers of painting take you to incredible adventures.
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Dream big!

The artwork UNDER MAGNOLIA TREE by Svetlana Kurmaz was sold to the collector "Wimbledon art Studios" (London) for more than 10 000 €.
Dream big!
Live with Art, it's good for you!

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Dreamy Day in USA

I’ve got this feedback on my page in FB just now.


This is so lovely!


«Hello! I purchased your lovely “Dreamy Day” painting. It arrived today. I just want to thank you for sharing your beautiful talent. This painting brings me a lot of joy. It reminds me of spending lazy summer days with my sisters. Wishing you health and happiness.»

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New: «Expressive and Graceful».

Mini collection of March 2021  ©Svetlana Kurmaz.
8 Figurative artwork Mussini oil on middle size canvases.
Portraits and nude painted on imagination.
Here was used the contrast of the classical composition with a bit of absurdity.
The color of the artwork also refers the viewer to European art tradition of 30s.
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NEWS LETTER Lose yourself in a Paradise garden.

Dear Art Lover

March 2021 is here, it’s now, and it seems as though many, including myself, are oscillating from hopeful to disoriented, and at times at a rather violent speed. 

All the more reason to take some time to move.

Move through that with art in your life, mind and at heart.

Today I come with a brand new practice:

What Remained Unmanifested.

Series of 12 artworks with fruits, vegetables, flowers and birds where multiple realities mix and complement each other. Lose yourself in a Paradise  garden.

Hit refresh! These colours are instant palate cleansers. Their bright energy is the perfect antidote to winter.


I have added a wallpaper pattern with a pretty owl reminiscent of the William Morris design I saw in an old French estate last summer:



Schedule your seasonal renaissance now. All the beguiling charm of an Imaginary garden, the delicacy of timeless florals, the power of nature, and the comfort of a country house come together in this still life that is a herald of the perfect summer.

Another 9 still life and other new paintings are presented on the website of our gallery.

We offer free shipping for our clients for all paintings from this series.

Thank you for reading. 

Thank you for collecting our art.

Thank you for support.

With best wishes from Prague

Svetlana Kurmaz and Alexander Sokht

#artforsale #tinycanvas #williammorris #deco #birds #flowers #fruits #artichoke #svetlana_kurmaz_art #paradise_garden #xpgallery #prague

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